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Amicorum Spectaculum TML 2017

The day has arrived, our first time visit to TML. We went the first weekend on Sunday July 23th.

We chose this day because of the very interesting mix of DJ's, but the weather was really bad. It rained most of the day. We left home at 2 PM. We didn't park at the TML parking, because this was very far away. So we found a free parking zone that was much closer. But with all the rain, we had to shelter a lot, so we arrived late at 3 PM.

Our first impression was "WOW". Is this really TML? We could not believe what a huge land it really is. The decors are an amazing sight to see. Lots of colors and interesting people were on our path to the different stages.

First we went to the new stage "Freedom By Budweiser". A female dj "MATTN" is playing her set and the strobe lights are really special. After the set, we walked further to our dinner that we reserved at the Taste of the world. A very interesting concept, because our chef was a previous dj. I didn't hear the name and I didn't recognize him.

At the entrance we started with champagne and at 5.30 PM we entered the restaurant. We took place next to Germans, Americans and Belgiums. The couple in front of us were Americans from Las Vegas. We talked with them about our journeys when dinner was served. There were a lot of different choices and it was worth the price.

After our delicious meal we discovered other stages and had a taste of cocktails and Belgium chocolate.

At 8 PM we went to the MainStage to see David Guetta. I was really excited to see him perform, but it was a huge disappointment. Bad mixes and songs that didn't meet my expectation.

We left sooner from the MainStage and went to the stage "Organ of Harmony" to see dj Fedde Le Grand. His set was very good and a lot of people where dancing and making a lot of fun.

Time flies when you are having fun, so we went back to the stage "Freedom by Budweiser". But first we took the Ferris wheel to overview the park with all the lights. We didn't had to wait that long, only 10 minutes and we saw the fireworks up in the sky.

At 11 PM the most famous Belgium dj's "Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike" started their set at the "Freedom by Budweiser". I really like their songs and music. It was everything that I expected it to be. Really loud beats, entertainment and a great music set.

We left after the set, with a really nice feeling. It was definitely worth the money and I would recommend you to join the the people of tomorrow.

Photos coming soon

Video link coming soon @ youtube

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